Here’s Why I Didn’t Lose Weight In 2010

January 2, 2011 on 9:03 pm | In life coaching | 1 Comment

I’ve seen a statistic that people gain about a pound a year just from slower metabolism.  So just to maintain your weight over time you need to stay active and eat less.  If not, you’ll be like me — close to 20 pounds heavier after close to 20 years out of college.

20 pounds is when it gets noticeable (at least to me!) so I really was determined in 2010.  I started jogging, having previously only done walking or low impact cardio.  I worked out more regularly.  At one point in the year, I had lost 5 pounds.  But at my weekly weight check this morning, I was back at my 2010 starting weight, my 5 pound win evaporated.

Here’s why I didn’t lose the weight:  I spent a total of 104.5 hours exercising in all of 2010.  That’s 2 hours a week, not even the half hour a day minimum required to maintain weight, much less lose any.  When I lost baby weight after two pregnancies, I logged in 6 hours of exercise per week, or almost 3 times as much time.

Now, I know there is something to be said about quality of effort.  I could definitely improve there too.  But there is also quantity of effort.  I didn’t lose the weight because I didn’t put in the time.

I have the same goal in 2011 as 2010 — I want to lose the 20.  I’ll keep you posted, but my first step is putting in the time.  So far, I have exercised the first 2 days of the year, so it’s a good start.  But I need more quantity, and then of course I need to up the quality.

I will continue to meticulously log and track my efforts.  Tracking is really the only way you can measure quantity and quality.  Otherwise you will overestimate if you tend to go easy on yourself, or underestimate and give up too soon.

Put in the time.  Measure your effort.  Wish me luck on the road to weight minus 20 for 2011!

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