What Comedy Class Taught Me About Goal Planning

December 16, 2010 on 5:26 pm | In life coaching | No Comments

A few weeks ago, I completed a stand-up comedy class and blogged about it for CNBC:  Five Things Comedy Class Teaches You About Job Search.  When I took the class, I didn’t intend to find parallels with job search but it was an unexpected benefit.  This often happens with planning — you expect one result but other things (sometimes better things) happen.

I got really close to my comedy classmates, and we are producing another show together.  I’m spending more time on comedy than I anticipated, which doesn’t seem like a good idea given that I have a business to run.  But it feels right, and it’s still flexing my marketing muscles just in a different way.  Sometimes it’s good to veer off an initial plan as long as directionally you are still going where you intended (and it feels right).

Plans are often neat.  Execution is often haphazard.  There’s something haphazard about my adventures in comedy so far.  I took the class rather unexpectedly (why I took the class is fodder for a future blog post!).  Now I have my second show within two months, and I am co-producing a show early 2011, learning all about producing on the fly.  This is not anything like I planned, but my goal has always been to remain active in creative pursuits and this is how things have unfolded.  Don’t be so focused on the plan that you miss unexpected opportunities to get the goal some other way.

If you are curious about watching my comedy adventure in action, you can see me at Comix on Wednesday, Dec. 29 at 7p.  Call 212-524-2500 and mention my name with your reservation to get in for a $10 cover (normally $15-$20).  There is a 2 drink-minimum.

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